IT Expert Continues to Help

Matthew Meglan, while an RJM Quest volunteer, also volunteered with Alma Mater from August 2015 until January 2017. During this time he helped us tremendously with our technology capabilities including: wiring 80% of the hospital with WiFi coverage, installing a server for intra-hospital communication, and standardizing windows 7 on all computers for easier maintenance and upkeep. He also trained Alma Mater staff members on the upkeep and maintenance of the WiFi and computer systems. He arranged the system so that he is able to remotely access many computers in order to be able to troubleshoot with our electrician, Tony, thus providing ongoing support.

Our doctors and nurses now have access to our electronic health records throughout the hospital with more readily available access to resources to help determine treatment courses for patients.

We were very happy to welcome him back for two days this past week as he continued to help update and resolve technical issues at our hospital and we are truly grateful for his continued support!

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