Bon Fèt Maman!

Bon Fèt Maman!

Jodia se Fèt Maman nan Ayiti, nan Lafrans ak nan plisyè lòt peyi. Nou menm nan Lôpital Alma Matè nou vle salye tout maman e ofri yon lapriyè pou yo. Kenbe fèm maman yo! Famiy ou, ti moun w yo, peyi a ak lomòn antye bezwen nou!

Today is Mother’s Day here in Haiti. Attached you see one of the mothers who benefitted from our offer to provide free delivery care to mothers who have been following pre-natal care at Alma Mater and are fortunate to deliver this week and next. The lady pictured here had a safe cesarean delivery at Alma Mater on Monday. Blessings to her and her first little child!

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