Greetings Friends and Visitors to Alma Mater Hospital (HAM)’s revised website. My name is Sister Jacqueline Picard. I am a nurse by training and currently serve on the Board of Directors. For many years, many have asked for a new way of communication that would allow a glimpse into the day to day operations as well as a way to share timely updates of new developments at our hospital. Many friends of HAM along with myself will join to bring you blog updates.

As you can imagine, supporting a hospital takes many. I would like to begin by thanking Matthew Meglan, a year-long volunteer with our RJM Haiti Quest program. He has dedicated a portion of his time over the past few weeks to develop this website and in this he has really shined. Through his skill, time and effort, HAM has been given a gift. He truly was the master craftsman who turned this dream into reality and for that we are grateful. Blessings on you, Matt and all who shared input and creative advice.

For our many Facebook followers, we THANK YOU for your engagement and support. We have for months documented the ongoing reconstruction project on that venue. This $1.3 million renovation project will provide new and comfortable consultation rooms, an expanded laboratory, updated radiology and dental departments, a centralized pharmacy as well as an area for future growth. It is our hope that HAM will soon have an ophthalmology clinic. Other space will house a new conference room where staff and visitors will benefit from in-service education and a new administrative wing where the administrative staff can easily collaborate, plan and direct the new vision for Alma Mater. A new chapel will welcome the sick and their families to a sacred space for prayer and spiritual comfort.

Although this project is well underway, there is quite a bit of work left to be done. We, the board of directors and hospital administration are searching for donors to help us raise the funds necessary to complete this ambitious but necessary project. We need your help! It’s easy – simply click the donation button on our website. Not all of our supporters can help financially but can help by sharing our story. If you know others who might be interested in creating a sacred space for health, healing and hope, please direct them to our website or our Facebook page (Alma Mater Hospital). We would love to enlarge our circle of friends.

Blessings to each of you on your various journeys. Let us work together to bring hope and healing to an often broken world!

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