Mme Elise Dor


  • Native of Gros-Morne

  • Graduated from the School of Administrative Science from the Université Chrétienne du Nord d’Haiti in 2003

  • Began her professional career in 2004 at the Centre Médical Béraca in Port-de-Paix, where she worked as Assistant Administrator for one year, after which she was transferred to the Accounting Department, before she assumed the position of Director of Medical Records for the hospital

  • In May 2010 she was hired as Administrator of Hôpital Alma Mater, committed  to improving the quality of care offered to the people of Gros Morne

  • Her vision is to have Hôpital Alma Mater recognized in Haiti for the efficient and effective quality of care provided to guarantee each patient access to high quality medical care, always respecting a person’s rights and dignity.

Dr. Michel Hugues


  • Native of Milot, Haiti

  • Physician licensed by the MSSP in 2009

  • Trained and graduated at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Université Lumière (FMSS / Ulum) in 2008 

  • Lead Medical Director at Hôpital Alma Mater 

Miss Andre M. Michel Vernet


  • Native of Pilate, Haiti

  • A licensed nurse. Recieved her nursing diplome from ENiP in 1992. Trained as a Nurse anesthetist at St. Nicholas hospital in St. Marc in 1998

  • Began her career as a staff nurse in the maternity department, promoted to being responsible for that department, and then trained as a nurse anesthetist.

  • Currently Head Nurse at Hôpital Alma Mater

  • Her dream is to see more of the population of Gros Morne benefit from the quality services that Hôpital Alma Mater offers.